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About Under the Hill:

I wrote this song greatly inspired by old Nordic folklorian tales of elves, fairies and other strange creatures that are rumoured to lure unsuspecting humans into their grasp forever. With otherworldly beauty and enthralling music, the elves beckons the listener to join them in their home, under the hill.

I have read and heard many stories like this, with elves or fairies that enchant humans with their dancing or music and invites them into their home. In many stories the humans never return; sometimes they danced themselves to death, sometimes staying with the supernatural makes them forget who they are - in some cases the humans of the story stay for what they think is just one night, but when they go back home a hundred years have passed!

I have always been fascinated by stories like these, and after a trip to Iceland in 2015, where I met many people who genuinely believe in the existence of elves (as is fairly common in Iceland) I was so enchanted that it inspired me to write this song.

I hope you enjoy the video.

~ Mira